Ep 29: How Do You Go From Idea To Accelerator? With Adam Young

PodcastEp 29: How Do You Go From Idea To Accelerator? With Adam Young

Ep 29: How Do You Go From Idea To Accelerator? With Adam Young

In this episode I sit down with Adam Young, to understand how you go from idea to accelerator in less than 18 months. Adam shares how his drive to make an impact on the world quickly steered him away from a life pursuing physics to pursuing business and people problems. 

Be sure to listen to the entire show. Adam has a simple, authentic way of sharing insights. Adam is the latest to join the Savvy Founder Elite, and be willing to share his own startup journey so your’s can be shorter.

Adam shares some tremendous words of wisdom-Adam shares some tremendous words of wisdom:

  • If people don’t want whatyour selling, start talking to your customers.
  • Let go, trust your people. You don’t need to control everything.
  • If I didn’t go full-time then the idea wouldn’t go anywhere, so when the numbers and traction prove themselves, I went full-time.
  • It takes a lot of effort to build an MVP (minimal viable product) when no one is getting paid, especially since video chat has to work. It can’t be buggy.
  • To recruiter people to your startup, especially when you are not paying them, you need to inspire and share compelling vision. You need to have trust, so I focused on recruiting from my network of friends and family.
  • We are all humans, somethings like being social are just who we are –Varty taps into this.
  • Being focused in a startup is hard, I had to learn to time block and work on one thing at time. 
  • To apply to an accelerator, you must have a product, and then you can sell the vision even if you don’t yet have sales. But you also need to be all in. (full-time)
  • Constantly be learning. There is so much to learn about building a business.
  • Sales. Learn how to do it right. Use a CRM. 

About the Guest:

Adam Young holds a Computer Science degree from a Silicon Valley school, UC Berkeley. Adam has worked at Boston Consulting Group provide business consulting and a Uber doing machine learning. When he moved during Covid and ended up stuck at home, he needed another way to meet people. That lead to him founding Varty, virtual party. Adam has since discovered people in all sorts of communities need an authentic way to spontaneously engage and meet people. Adam is passionate about bringing a whole new way to create engaging, authentic, online social networking.

Website: Varty.io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/startavarty/

About the Host:

Philip Topham is The Savvy Founder. Philip has an inquisitive mind and passion for ideas. He’s impatient to see tomorrow’s future today. He focuses on helping technical founders unlock their pragmatic dreamer and develop their business skills and social capital. With more than 25 years across start-ups and corporate roles, Philip has been everything from janitor to the Founder and Chief Everything Officer.

Words of Wisdom

  • Ideas are worthless; revenues are priceless; surround yourself with smart people.
  • Life is a journey –mole hills or mountains? it’s your choice.

Ask Philip a question -https://askthesavvyfounder.youcanbook.me

Linkedin –https://www.linkedin.com/in/philiptopham

Website –https://philiptopham.com

Free resources: 10 Most Fixable Pitch Deck Mistakes @ https://www.thesavvyfounder.com

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