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Online business the new direct marketing

During our weekly, mastermind Core Four, meeting Paul, handed me his copy of “Dotcom Secrets – The Underground Playbook for Growing your Company Online…” by Russell Brunson; I’ve started reading and “wow – it just makes sense”. The book focuses on “copying” established businesses and shuns startups. Startups just don’t yet have a clear sales funnel process; and Russel thinks inventing is a waste of time, because its just easier to make money copying what someone has already done. Despite this sentiment, the book clearly outlines what’s necessary to build and manage a good sales funnel.

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The forward is written by Dan Kennedy, and is quoted as saying “Ultimately the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer, wins!”

I “mostly” whole-heartedly agree — I don’t agree that “startups should be shunned”. I think he’s saying, the startup may have a new product/service, but your own marketing doesn’t need to be re-invented. Instead, follow what has been shown to work.

Full disclosure, any Amazon purchase thru the link, result in a small affiliate payment, which I’ll use to defray the costs of this website.

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