pubs, patents & speaking

pubs, patents & speaking


“Extracting and normalizing organization names from text.” US Patent 8370361. 5 Feb 2013.

“Generating A Subgraph of Key Entities In a Network And Categorizing The Subgraph Entities Into Different Types Using Social Network Analysis.” US Patent 9195962. 24 Nov 2015.


“The Hedgehog and the Fox – Driving Innovation.” Jun 2012. Link

Scientific collaboration networks using biomedical literature. In: Biomedical Literature Mining, Methods in Molecular Biology series. Pp 147-157. published by SpringerLink 2014. Link

“Social Impact on Innovation.” PreScouter. 23 October 2013. Link

“Social Impact on Big Data.” PreScouter. 16 September 2013.  Link

 “Discovering opinion leaders for medical topics using news articles.” Journal Biomedical Semantics. 15 March 2012. 3(1):2. Link

“How to use social network analysis to pinpoint more than KOLs.” PharmaPhorum. 18 April 2011. Link

“NEMO: Extraction and normalization of organization names from PubMed affiliation strings.” Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration, 4 Oct 2010. Link

 “Radial Tree Diagram [RTD] of Insomnia.” Journal of Social Structure. Volume 11. 2010. Link

ONER: Tool for Organization Named Entity Recognition from Affiliation Strings in PubMed Abstracts. The 3rd International Symposium on Languages in Biology and Medicine, Jeju Island, South Korea, November 8-10, 2009. Link

“Towards Automatic Extraction of Social Networks of Organizations in PubMed Abstracts.” First International Workshop on Graph Techniques for Biomdical Networks in Conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, Washington D.C., USA, Nov. 1-4, 2009. Link

Blog postings on Big Data, Innovation and Social Networks –

White papers on Social Network Analysis, Key Opinion Leader Identification and Influence Analysis –

Public Speaking

“Contagious Everyday Leadership: Gangnam Style” JD Edwards Southern California User Group. Carson, California. June 11, 2014. (Keynote Speaker)
“Contagious Everyday Leadership: Gangnam Style – for Business Analysts” IIBA Orange County Chapter. Irvine, California. June 11, 2014. (Invited Speaker)

“Finding You – Fuzzy Big Data, a Case Study.” Southern California Quality Assurance Association. Irvine, California. January 20, 2015. (Invited Speaker)
“The New Matrix – Big Data.” Claremont Colleges, Kech Graduate Institute. Claremont, California. November 20, 2014. (Invited Speaker)
“Key Tech Trends Transforming Business.” University of California Irvine, Business and Technology Association. Irvine, California. May 4, 2012. (Invited Panelist)

“Healthcare IT Trends & Opportunities Leveraging Trends for Career Advancement.” Association of Internet Technology Professionals of Los Angeles. Culver City, California. February 26, 2015. (Panel Moderator)
“Key Tech Trends Transforming Business.” University of California Irvine, Business and Technology Association. Irvine, California. May 4, 2012. (Invited Panelist)
“Educational Transformation for our Workforce and Local Economy.” South Central Regional Consortium of California Community Colleges, Industrial and Educational Advisory Roundtable. Ventura, California. March 29, 2014. (Invited Speaker)

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