The Big Data Problem — It’s the data!

BlogThe Big Data Problem — It’s the data!

The Big Data Problem — It’s the data!

A colleague and investor recently asked me to review a  cutting-edge super fast predictive analytics start-up. With impassioned voice, “The technology is 10 years ahead of everyone else! We have 60 case studies. But we just need data.”

I thought, Wow! Everyone is drowning in data. How can they not have data?

Where is the disconnect? Amazon predictive “You might like this…” shopping suggestions are proof positive that predictive analytics works.


The vast majority of case studies worked; their most successful case study was 93% better.  The original Alzheimer’s study evaluated genetic sequences, and found more than 200 areas of high bio activity worthy of focused research. That was a great result winnowing down thousands to a few hundred.  The same data using cool engine identified the 15 most their case studies Their most success case study


The problem lies between the data and the problem we are trying to solve.

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