Easy to Read WordPress Posts: Smile as Hemingway Whispers in Your Ear and Makes you Smarter

Hemingway working on his book sat at typewriter

Readers are busy.

You want easy to read WordPress posts.

Hemingway, was a famous author.

His books were powerful.

His books were simple and easy to read.

So follow my Hemingway style recipe for easy to read WordPress  posts.

Thats it.

Writing a simple post is easy.



Image By Lloyd Arnold -Public Domain, Link

Convert HEIF & HEIC to JPG or PNG on MAC without downloading any software or uploading to an internet service

I recently needed to create an Ebay listing, and discovered they don’t support the new iPhone HEIC file format. After some googling, all I could find where tutorials on using an online service, or downloading software. I thought both of those seem sketchy to me. So I remembered. every Mac comes with the Automator application, which allows you to build scripts by dragging and dropping components.  And sure enough, converting HEIF or HEIC to JPG or PNG formats is supper simple.

In less than 5 minutes, I built a script to select the files and make copies in the correct format;

First, from the keyboard bring up spotlight search by typing  ⌘-space and entering Automator, enter to run the program.

Second, Once the programs, select create a new script, then in the script editor, simply find and select the following three modules; by finding them in the left hand tree menu then dragging them to the right hand panel.

  1. Ask for Finder Items
  2. Copy Finder Items
  3. Change Type of Images







The “Ask for Finder Items” is exactly that, and prompt the user to find and select Items (in this case HIEC photos).  Remember to check the ‘select multiple items’ checkbox.

The “Copy Finder Items” takes the Items, you selected in step 1,  and copies them to a new location.

Finally “Change Type of Image” takes the copies items and changes the filetype. You can select JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG or TIFF.

That’s it. Simply navigate with the Finder to the folder you selected in Step 2, and your files are all converted.

This script is really basic, but you can extend this script in many ways. Such as ‘create thumbnails’,  ‘save to an iPhotos album’, ‘crop images’, and much more.

Extreme Revenue Growth

Looking to grow you startup? Need some pointers? Then just watch Dan Martell in his new video 5 Components of Extreme Revenue Growth where he recaps Victor Cheng’s book Extreme Revenue Growth: Startup Secrets to Growing Your Sales from $1 Million to $25 Million in Any Industry

Here’s my interpretation of the five things:

  • Target A Customer
    • Target a customer that is in pain and knows that they have a pain; don’t chase someone that is not in pain or oblivious that they have a problem.
  • Make a Promise to the Customer
    • Ensure you create a promise to the Customer (the ones in pain)  and deliver a clear message as to why you can solve their pain.
  • Leverage Distribution Channels
    • Building your own path to each and every customer takes time and money;  A great win-win solution is to find great partners that already have customer intimacy with your target customers; Your great product (that solves your customers pain) gets into their hands faster and quicker.
  • Fulfill your Promise
    • Make sure that your product fulfills the promise you made to your customer.
    • Remember that both Make a promise and Fulfilling a promise is needed.  If you don’t know what pain you are solving how can you build it.
  • Build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.
    •  Consider both the Physical and Intangible advantages.
    • Physical might be large sales team, many offices, engineering expertise, customer service….its anything that would take time and money to copy or duplicate.
    • Intangible advantages include brand, partnerships and relationships,  intellectual property including patents, trade secrets, copyrights & trademarks

Good advice from Dan Martell

I’ve been reading and watching Dan Martell’s short (i.e. time friendly) videos on startups & entrepreneurship. They are all simple straight to the point, sound bites for helping you grow your startup.

Here’s some quick notes.

Three stages of a startup.

  1. Start:  Founder Foundation and Product Development
  2. Grow: Marketing & Distribution and Building the Right Team
  3. Sell: Raising Funds and Exit Strategy

No Cost Development

  1. Find potential customers
  2. Find their “Deep Problem”
  3. Build clickable prototype (High Fidelity if possible)
  4. Iterate through Feature Specification (repeat 3,4)

True Customer Validation – Must have $ exchange!!

  1. Prototype (see no cost development)
  2. Find early adopters (those that tried it themselves but failed or have a kludgy system)
  3. Get 10 Pre-orders
  4.  Build the team

Fear of Rejection

  1. Its not about you, its the product
  2. Numbers matter…start with more!
  3. Get out early and often
  4. Look for opportunity to learn — Failure is just SPEEDY LEARNING!
  5. They really do need your product

Online business the new direct marketing

During our weekly, mastermind Core Four, meeting Paul, handed me his copy of “Dotcom Secrets – The Underground Playbook for Growing your Company Online…” by Russell Brunson; I’ve started reading and “wow – it just makes sense”. The book focuses on “copying” established businesses and shuns startups. Startups just don’t yet have a clear sales funnel process; and Russel thinks inventing is a waste of time, because its just easier to make money copying what someone has already done. Despite this sentiment, the book clearly outlines what’s necessary to build and manage a good sales funnel.

Click on book to order now.

The forward is written by Dan Kennedy, and is quoted as saying “Ultimately the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer, wins!”

I “mostly” whole-heartedly agree — I don’t agree that “startups should be shunned”. I think he’s saying, the startup may have a new product/service, but your own marketing doesn’t need to be re-invented. Instead, follow what has been shown to work.

Full disclosure, any Amazon purchase thru the link, result in a small affiliate payment, which I’ll use to defray the costs of this website.

Some notes on Multi-site WordPress and Add-on Domains

In my posting One approach to creating a landing page, I talk about using a web hosting server (i.e. Gator, or GoDaddy etc..) to house multiple domains, which works fine.  But there are some gotcha’s when setting it up or moving a WordPress site from one location to another.

Here’s the sequence that I think works best for minimizing rework.

  • In all cases, I recommend writing down the steps as you do them, so you can retrace your steps if something goes of kilter.
  • Purchase your new domain(s)
  • Login to your web host account using cPanel (if you don’t have cPanel, its unlikely you have sufficient control over your web server to install multiple domains
  • Navigate to “add-on” domain and add your new domains. Note: When you enter your “NewDomainName.com” the Subdomain and Directory will auto-populate.  You could adjust these values but its likely not needed.

  • You can add multiple add-on domains. Check with your hosting provider recommendations on the size of your host and how many and and what web activity your server supports.
  • Next install WordPress into the directory (or directories if you installing multiple and separate WordPress instances) See Installing WordPress.
  • Login and validate the new WordPress works; and add All-In-One WP Migration from ServMask.
  • To create your site, I recommend using DesktopServer from ServerPress to setup your site on a local computer first.
  • Go ahead and use DesktopServer and build your site; when your ready also install All-in-One WP Migration in your local machine.
  • Follow the  All-In-One WP Migration video instructions (that is part of the plugin) and Export from your Local and Import to your Host.
  • Validate it works (and if it doesn’t be calm and think through the process.)

As for the gotchas, you can just change the name of a directory. In my case I’d installed “labelreviewq.com” and got everything working. I then purchase “checkmyfoodlabel.com” which I wanted as the main entry point to the site. I added my new domain via add-on domain. I then renamed my directories and setup a redirect to point “labelreviewq.com” to “checkmyfoodlabel.com”…What I forgot to do was change the wordpress homename and site_url (see WordPress Changing the SiteURL)

The startup business – assembling the business with “just in” time advice

Here are a few of the resources I’ve recently used that have been valuable for helping me think about sales and marketing. I’ll update this as I read more…

One approach to creating a landing page

Updated May 22 2018, updates in blue:

With all the technology and web services available, there are endless choices on how to create a landing page for testing your startup idea.  One such service is unbounce.com. The service looks intriguing, but as I looked into it, I decided it wasn’t for me, as I don’t really like monthly recurring costs.  At $79/month, after a few months it quickly adds up into a real expense. The service makes sense if you are in a rapid mode to test many landing pages, but for many early stage ventures, their just isn’t enough time to maximize the service.

In my case, I have access to a wordpress server — In fact this blog is running from a wordpress server. I would consider it a sunk cost. So I headed over to the local WordPress meetup for some advice — I came away with several new ideas.

What WP Theme Is That. — very useful for getting information about a wordpress website, as to what theme and plugins are being used. In otherwords, if I see a website I like, I can see if its wordpress and get some insights into is underlying services.

DesktopServer — Is a free tool that allows you to create a WordPress site on your machine and then push to an online location. Excellent for setting up a WordPress site in a safe and private environment. The tool also has a premium service that automates some of the manual deployment processes. Here you just have to put a price on your time and opportunity cost.  Note: DesktopServer’s site recommends their Duplicator product for copying sites from a local to remote system or visa versa —  don’t use the duplicator – the product  is poorly maintained; and not formally tested with the latest version.

All-in-one WP Migration — my recommendation for copying/moving wordpress sites from one place to another. It worked for me flawlessly with no futzing at all. 

Elegant Themes – Divi — for DRAG and DROP self created themes the wordpress meetup  recommended this site for quick and rapid prototyping.  Their overall comment was — good for many many situations not all — i.e. 90%+ for most use cases.

WP Engine — the general consensus was this is the best WordPress site since it includes many services that any sane WordPress developer would use….i.e. each site comes with three environments (development, test, production)  and SSL (a $150 value), WordPress specific firewalls and comment spam filters (at least $300/year from Sucuri).  They charge ($420/year).

For now I’m going to see if I can utilize my existing wordpress server and forgo a new service. If nothing else, for the learning more about hos the stuff works.

So for now, I’m using my own pre-exisitng webserver, the free DesktopServer, and the $89 Divvy Theme from Elegant themes (which I’ll also be using for another business.) I was able to install a second copy of wordpress on my GoDaddy host, using a domain I already owned.  Simply use cPanel to  “add-on domain” the domain. Then install wordpress, following the standard wordpress installation instructions. Just choose the file path location for the “add-on domain” home directory.

Shark Tank Secrets – Finding Money for your Startup from Core Four

If you going to raise money from Shark’s (angel investors) you need to know what your up against. After all, to the inventor, your business is just another minnow in a large school of fish. What makes you the golden fish?  We’ve collected some videos and nuggets of wisdom from Orange County groups to help you answer your own question.

2 minutes
Gary Vee answers the question “How do I raise money”?

Techstars panel
Good inside information from the perspective of an investor (and a periscope video too):

Your customers can be investors?
A good place to find an investor that’s not talked about often enough: “Your early customers and/or your largest customers are good potential investors/partners. A company that has the problem that you are solving is another potential investor.”

Want money from Tech Coast Angeles?
Check out the application process here:

4 minutes
First 4 minutes Guy will tell you it’s not necessarily “the team”:

Asking for money:
Bad ask:
I am seeking $200,000 for a 5% equity stake in my company.

Good ask:
I am taking $200k investment into my company and would like to get to know more about you to see if you would be a good fit for this venture.

Take 60 seconds to see a snippet of an interview with Oren Klaff:

Pitch deck ideas:











  • TCVN – The 30 Second Pitch
    • What pain (in the market) are you trying to solve?
    • What is your solution?
    • How big is the market? and How do you make (me the investor) money?
    • Who are you and what makes you think you can solve the pain?
    • What do you need?


About the Core Four – We are four Orange County entrepreneurs that have come together to help each other be successful.

Smile and Put your Best Foot Forward to Accelerate Sales and Attract Amazing Investors to Your Startup with Engaging Headlines

It true, you need to put your best foot forward. We judge stuff in the first few seconds. Your blog or content is judged in even less time. We’ve all been there, scanning the google results – thinking – “next next next…. what this? <CLICK>” That’s precisely what we want. We want a person to click and give us a second look.


My good friend Paul, alerted me to a wonderful tool that will improve your first impression. I’m talking about Headlines an online tool from Sharethrough


I tried it myself and started with something simple “A Tool for Helping you Write Better Headlines” and scored 68.

After many iterations, I was able to increase it to 79 a 16% increase with “Smile and Put your Best Foot Forward to Accelerate Sales and Attract Amazing Investors to Your Startup with Engaging Headlines”