Convert HEIF & HEIC to JPG or PNG on MAC without downloading any software or uploading to an internet service

I recently needed to create an Ebay listing, and discovered they don’t support the new iPhone HEIC file format. After some googling, all I could find where tutorials on using an online service, or downloading software. I thought both of those seem sketchy to me. So I remembered. every Mac comes with the Automator application, which allows you to build scripts by dragging and dropping components.  And sure enough, converting HEIF or HEIC to JPG or PNG formats is supper simple.

In less than 5 minutes, I built a script to select the files and make copies in the correct format;

First, from the keyboard bring up spotlight search by typing  ⌘-space and entering Automator, enter to run the program.

Second, Once the programs, select create a new script, then in the script editor, simply find and select the following three modules; by finding them in the left hand tree menu then dragging them to the right hand panel.

  1. Ask for Finder Items
  2. Copy Finder Items
  3. Change Type of Images







The “Ask for Finder Items” is exactly that, and prompt the user to find and select Items (in this case HIEC photos).  Remember to check the ‘select multiple items’ checkbox.

The “Copy Finder Items” takes the Items, you selected in step 1,  and copies them to a new location.

Finally “Change Type of Image” takes the copies items and changes the filetype. You can select JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG or TIFF.

That’s it. Simply navigate with the Finder to the folder you selected in Step 2, and your files are all converted.

This script is really basic, but you can extend this script in many ways. Such as ‘create thumbnails’,  ‘save to an iPhotos album’, ‘crop images’, and much more.

Extreme Revenue Growth

Looking to grow you startup? Need some pointers? Then just watch Dan Martell in his new video 5 Components of Extreme Revenue Growth where he recaps Victor Cheng’s book Extreme Revenue Growth: Startup Secrets to Growing Your Sales from $1 Million to $25 Million in Any Industry

Here’s my interpretation of the five things:

  • Target A Customer
    • Target a customer that is in pain and knows that they have a pain; don’t chase someone that is not in pain or oblivious that they have a problem.
  • Make a Promise to the Customer
    • Ensure you create a promise to the Customer (the ones in pain)  and deliver a clear message as to why you can solve their pain.
  • Leverage Distribution Channels
    • Building your own path to each and every customer takes time and money;  A great win-win solution is to find great partners that already have customer intimacy with your target customers; Your great product (that solves your customers pain) gets into their hands faster and quicker.
  • Fulfill your Promise
    • Make sure that your product fulfills the promise you made to your customer.
    • Remember that both Make a promise and Fulfilling a promise is needed.  If you don’t know what pain you are solving how can you build it.
  • Build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.
    •  Consider both the Physical and Intangible advantages.
    • Physical might be large sales team, many offices, engineering expertise, customer service….its anything that would take time and money to copy or duplicate.
    • Intangible advantages include brand, partnerships and relationships,  intellectual property including patents, trade secrets, copyrights & trademarks