Ep 18: How Do I Build Investor Relationships? Networking Advice for Startup Founders with Tallal Gondal

PodcastEp 18: How Do I Build Investor Relationships? Networking Advice for Startup Founders with Tallal Gondal

Ep 18: How Do I Build Investor Relationships? Networking Advice for Startup Founders with Tallal Gondal

Startup founders. Do you have trouble with networking or connecting with investors? Listen to this fantastic episode with Tallal Gondal author of  TurboCharged Networking for networking tips on building relationships and networking.  For founders everywhere, having connections is critical. Connections help you find employees, investors, form partnerships, solve problems and so much more. Topics include:

  • How did you become an expert on networking? 
    • I was made redundant (laid off) and I realized that the people in my life that I was hanging around with – they didn’t have the answers I was seeking; they didn’t have access to the opportunities that I was looking for; So, it was the perfect time to start something new.
    • This led to a YouTube channel; and interviewing people; and although I didn’t become a YouTube superstar; I did get access to some amazing people [for free.]
    • I realized I could share my learnings and wrote “TurboCharged Networking”
  • What advice to you give to startup founders about networking?
    • Don’t worry if you’re a people person or not; or introvert or extrovert — Play to your strengths.
    • For example, if you are an analytic introvert, use your skills [don’t worry so much about your weaknesses] just find a different medium for your voice and build relationships.
  • Top three tips?
    • Play to your strengths.
    • Be curious. Be interested in other “people”.
    • Be genuine and authentic. To be authentic you can’t “fake it till you make it” 
  • What about your journey? Was this planned?
    • When I started. I actually failed at the start. I failed a lot.
    • So, I started researching networking.
    • And through effort, I starting finding success.
      • Thru effort you know you are on the right journey.
  • What’s curiosity?
    • Curiosity comes from the love of learning; love of finding new things;
  • Insight! Deep relationships.
    • Each and every single one of us is a collection of dreams, and hopes, and emotions and feelings, and heartbreaks and heartaches, and loss and gain; What’s right in front of you is just like a tip of the iceberg. 
    • To create deep relations with the person you have to get behind their appearance and behind their words
    • When you come from a curious approach, you just want to know and learn about other people, what makes them tick, what makes them interesting, what makes them excited; then you can start connecting with deep relations.
  • Insight! Authenticity
    • If your internal dialog inside is not good, it’s going to reflect on the outside world.
    • The curiosity from within has to come from a love of finding out about other people.
  • Insight! Fewer connections.
    • You need to connect with few a few key people. Network purposefully and intentionally rather than having a shotgun approach
  • When do you start networking?
    • If you treat networking like dieting then it won’t work.
    • If you have a healthy lifestyle you don’t need to suddenly start dieting; if you have healthy relationships you don’t need to suddenly start networking.
    • It takes time to build a network.

About the Guest:

Tallal is the author of ‘TurboCharged Networking’ book, which shares the message that Care, Value, and Service are the 3 key elements to building human connection and human connection is critical to networking and building authentic long-term relationships. Tallal is also a speaker and his mission is to help people cultivate the mindset and develop the skillset to become world-class networkers.

Tallal’s super passions are building relationship equity, creating holistic success, and cultivating a savage mindset. Tallal is also a Maths Lecturer, a Boxing Coach, and enjoys reading non-fiction and watching UFC. He also loves going to the gym, driving fast cars, and has an unhealthy relationship with protein shakes. Tallal lives in Leicester, England, with his wife, 2 kids, and 2 cats.

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To Pre-order the book please visit: www.TurboChargedNetworking.com

Schedule a 15-min BreakThrough call with Tallal – https://calendly.com/turbocharged/15min

About the Host:

Philip Topham is The Savvy Founder. Philip has an inquisitive mind and passion for ideas. He’s impatient to see tomorrow’s future today. He focuses on helping technical founders unlock their pragmatic dreamer and develop their business skills and social capital.  With more than 25 years across start-ups and corporate roles, Philip has been everything from janitor to the Founder and Chief Everything Officer.

Philip, can be found camping, hiking, or playing billiards with friends; and he loves a good ‘international’ pot luck.

Words of Wisdom

  • Ideas are worthless; revenues are priceless; surround yourself with smart people.
  • Life is a journey – mole hills or mountains? it’s your choice.

Connect with Philip at:

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/philiptopham

Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/thesavvyfounder

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